V.A. - Audiokult Edition 18

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Pete Richardson - Image of Weakness EP [eSKape007] | OUT NOW!

1 - A Rose Bisected

2 - Kymograph

3 - We Break The Gossamer Web

4 - Lakes of Wada

5 - Bed Of Crimson Joy

6 - Heaven In Hell’s Despair

To those familiar with his work, Pete Richardson warrants little or no introduction.  To those unfamiliar with his work, it’s about time you caught up!

The man’s piano pieces are inspirational, captivating and nothing short of mesmerizing - with a discography ranging from jazz, to neo-classical, to experimental. No wonder Summer Karma is proud to announce it’s next EP outing: Pete Richardson - Image of Weakness [eSKape007]

On ‘Image of Weakness’, Pete takes us on a surprising six track journey, leaving behind his comfort zone and stepping up his experimental edge. Staying true to his piano work, he incorporates flirtations with electronica that bloom into romances of experimental ambient.  The interaction between classical piano and the electronic processing of the same instrument, works surprisingly well.  Brace yourself, you’re in for a treat!

Out Now!  Free dl @ http://summerkarma.bandcamp.com/album/image-of-weakness



running interference.
 t - 48 hours … watch this space!



t - 48 hours … watch this space!